Learn How Much To Invest On Leads To Get The Most Of Your Sales! 💵👍

Last Updated Jan 13, 09:13 AM

The best realtors in the business know that you have to invest so that you can generate sales. And the majority of those investments go into leads generation. The important thing in investing in leads generation is knowing how much you must spend to generate a sale. Invest lower than what is necessary to make a sale, and you might lose the money you spent.

As an example, let us look at our return on investment (ROI) computation when buying real estate leads from OnePropertee.

Property: House and Lot for sale in Antipolo
Price: Php 5,000,000
Commission: 3% or Php 150,000
The average cost per lead: Php 160
Average conversion of leads to a buyer (for active leads from leads matching): 5% to 10%
Minimum number of leads = 1 buyer / conversion rate of leads to a buyer

If we use the conservative value of 5% conversion, then we will have the following computation:

1 buyer / 5% = 20 leads

Therefore, you need to spend 20 leads x Php 160 or at least Php 3,200 to convert at least 1 buyer. Spending lower than this amount can result in no buyer conversion, which means that you wasted your investment for nothing. This also means that spending only Php 3,200 can get you a total commission of Php 150,000, which is an excellent deal and a wise investment.

The good thing about OnePropertee's Leads Matching is that you know how much you need to spend to generate the minimum number of leads required. Unlike when paying for advertisements, you are not guaranteed how many leads it will generate (if it will generate at all). That makes it difficult to compute how much minimum investment you need to make to generate a sale. You must know your potential ROI before you make your investment, and this is possible with OnePropertee’s leads matching.

If you are ready to invest in buying real estate leads, you can access the leads available in OnePropertee by posting your property (free), and OnePropertee will immediately inform you if leads are available so that you can start engaging with them (no waiting and guaranteed leads directly to your CRM).