8 Powerful Tricks For Winning Your Clients Online

Last Updated May 12, 10:42 AM

Many books and articles suggest that with the right attitude, anyone can sell anything. Content of these readings usually imply that with mere passion and grit, you can make anything fly. Certainly, some real estate salesmen achieve success without having any set of unique practices or techniques. As Filipino buyers become more and more dependent on the internet in making small and big purchase decisions, this kind of notion may soon change.

While tactical online techniques may not be 100% necessary for sales success, it will certainly differentiate a sales leader’s dynamism and long-term performance from the rest. In this article, we narrowed down eight simple yet powerful online selling techniques that will help you in your daily selling practice and ace your sales performance .

1. Stand out with personal branding

If you observe a group of real estate agents in a room, you will notice that they dress, talk and act almost the same. The same goes when you check out their profiles online. If you want to stand out from the rest and be a top of mind agent to your clients, you need to exude your strengths by creating a personal brand. One way of doing this is developing a brand identity that reflects your distinct character and uniqueness. But personal branding is not just about a well-designed personal logo or business card. You can go as far as streamlining your use of colors, collateral layout, email greetings, style of dressing and even social media page covers and profiles. These branding details will not only make you look reputable and professional, but will also increase your name recall. There are also personal branding classes and workshops you can attend to help you craft a personal brand that is genuinely you.

2. Respond fast and real-time

If a buyer is checking out and inquiring on multiple listings online at the same time, your most powerful edge lies on your ability to respond real-time. The rationale here is the same as when you’re giving an elevator pitch. When the opportunity strikes, you should be able to relay the most compelling and unique selling point of your real estate listing in a short amount of time. You can do this by making sure you’re active in all your chat or messaging platforms for at least eight to ten hours a day. This is also a quick way of connecting with OFW buyers who value real-time discussion with an agent. You can also maximize automated responders to start conversations or even direct prospective clients to your mobile number if you’re offline. If you’re posting your listings on social media sites, it’s also more effective to use clickable buttons to prompt them to send a message or call you directly.

3. Ask for referrals

Asking for referrals is a traditional yet effective way of getting more clients without extra spend. You can migrate this tactic online by making it easier for your clients to share your social media profile, page or even listings to friends or contacts in his network. You can send out digital business cards or give clients a short url to your page which they can easily forward to contacts. Also, don’t hesitate to ask your client to share your page, make a review or post a testimonial once you’ve closed a transaction with them. You can also give them a free gift in exchange. These are great avenues to get referrals and foster relationship with your clients.

4. Upload your own video content

Video content is a major driver in getting interests and inquiries on social media. With a high-definition camera, you can shoot and create simple videos to showcase your property listings. Make sure that your videos are engaging and informative by including explainers, property walkthrough and virtual tours. You can share these videos in various platforms to generate more views and audiences. Don’t forget to include your contact card and personal branding in every video you publish.

5. Be an industry thought-leader

Overselling on social media can turn you into a nuisance. If you want to grow and nurture your audience, share content that not only sells, but provide meaningful insights and knowledge to your prospects. You can post content on broad topics that will be useful to all such as real estate investing or be more focused by sharing your expert opinion on market value in your neighbourhood. The goal here is to establish yourself as a top resource person for a real estate category you specialize in. This will not only elicit attention from prospects but also from owners who want to sell their properties.

6. Invest in excellent photography

Do you know how much effort entrepreneurs put in just to make their products instagrammable? As property sellers selling a million-worth product, it’s a must that you invest in photography to have a well-curated selection of properties to post. If you want to make your photos distinct from other sellers, explore other features of the property to highlight or take a photo from a different angle. You can even go a higher notch by getting a drone or hiring a drone service to take wide-range photos of the property exterior and landscape.

7. Run a smart paid ad on Facebook or Instagram

Get more people to see your stunning property photos by running a paid on Facebook or instagram. The key to maximize your paid ad as is by carefully studying and specifying your target audience and selecting the right category where they fit. In instagram, you can also use targeted hashtags to make sure your ad will appear to people you’d like to reach.

8. List on OnePropertee

If you want to be on the frontline to get your property in front of thousands of new prospects, then listing it on a local real estate listing platform is the smartest way to go. OnePropertee is the next big thing in online real estate selling. One of the stand out feature of this platform is that it allows you to maximize sales management tools in one dashboard. Your OnePropertee VIP seller profile also gives you the power to share your listings with a large audience and connect with potential clients, increasing the likelihood of gaining a new buyer.