Tips on Creating and Managing a Group

Last Updated Jan 10, 2020

Now that you created your Group, here are a few tips on how to maximize it:

  1. Jazz up your Group! Make sure that your Group Name and Group Description is catchy but easily understandable. This is your way to introduce what your Group is all about.

  2. Your Group Settings defines how searchable it is. A Public group is open to more people. Find out Group Settings here.

  3. You can assign multiple Admins in your Group. Just select a member that you want to become an admin and click ‘Make Admin’ button.

  4. You and your Group members can start as many discussion topics that you want. Members will be notified once you post a discussion topic and they can reply to your topic. You can even get FREE Credits with this!

  5. Your Group will have a default Group Chat that you can activate or deactivate anytime. All your members will automatically be included in the Group Chat.