Discovering and Joining Developer Groups

Last Updated Sep 4, 10:47 AM

You are on your way to your increasing your real estate business! Check out these tips for finding Developers and Developer Projects:

  1. Property Developers have created Groups (previously Projects) dedicated to their available Projects. Joining Developer Groups will mean that you will receive the latest updates from them. Whether it is about their inventory or an invite to their events, you will always be in the know. You can subscribe to as many Projects as you need. Go to the Group Hub page, and search for the developer or project name to join their Groups.

  2. Explore other developers that you might not know yet via the Developers page. You can easily search for the Developer name there!

  3. Interact with the Property Developer by replying to their updates to the Group. You can even get Credits by doing so!

Here on OnePropertee, you will never run out of properties to sell!