What is Lead Boost Direct and how does it work?

Last Updated Oct 4, 04:58 AM

Lead Boost Direct provides you with high-quality direct inquiries from leads.

Each Lead Boost Direct package includes:

  • Guaranteed leads that directly sent an inquiry on your boosted property

  • Promotions of your property to the OnePropertee ecosystem:

    • Property featured on top of similar properties to target the same leads

      Boosted property promoted to buyers looking on a similar property

    • Top ranking on the results page

    • Promotions in our emails and SMS to leads

  • Free credits to post and refresh more properties

  • Automatic Refresh daily of boosted properties

  • And Boosted badge display during the boosting period to attract more leads

Choose a package that meets your budget and skip the complicated lead generation process.

To purchase a Lead Boost Direct package, go to your Property Hub, and select the Boost button on the property you want to boost.

Choose your Lead Boost Direct package and proceed to pay via GCash or your debit/credit card.

Note: Lead Boost Direct is an improved version of the previous Lead Boost feature.

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