Seller Community Guidelines

Last Updated May 4, 2022

The OnePropertee Community Guidelines aim to ensure the protection of our users and maintain order in the community. It's a basic to-do and not-to-do when using our platform. Below is the list of our Community Guidelines:

  1. Ensure that the information on your property is true and correct.

    • Indicate the Total Contract Price (TCP) of For Sale properties and the monthly payment for For Rent properties.

    • Add the exact size of the property for floor area, unit size, and lot area.

    • Use the appropriate location where the property is situated. Do not substitute with another nearby area. (For example, do not use Tagaytay, Cavite if your property is in Alfonso, Cavite)

Misleading property details can result in the deactivation of your property post or the suspension of your account.

  1. Update properties regularly.

  2. It is recommended to provide the necessary information of your eligibility to sell properties, such as the PRC accreditation or license and/or DHSUD certificate of registration.

  3. Reply to leads as soon as possible.

  4. Exercise good manners and etiquette.

  5. Spamming content in groups and messages are not allowed. Contacting users other than the potential purchase and sale of real property marketed on the platform will result in the termination of the user account as stated in our Terms and Conditions.