What is OnePropertee?

Last Updated Oct 30, 08:47 AM

OnePropertee is an advanced Real Estate platform that offers smart collaboration tools in property selling. At the heart of OnePropertee is ‘A home for everyone’, that translates to connecting the developers, brokers, agents, and buyers in one innovative platform that’s easy to use and accessible in the mobile app, mobile browser, and desktop.

  1. Post your property for free

Increase the exposure of your ad to get leads.

  1. Manage your ads easily

Enhance your productivity with the one-click ad refresh and 5-step selling form.

  1. Earn credits to upgrade

Earn credits as simple as logging in daily, receiving comments, and more, to amplify your ads and reach optimum performance!

  1. Create your video ad with one click

Capture and engage your audience with video content that can be shared on social media platforms.