Why can't I find Sponsor?

Last Updated Sep 14, 06:00 AM

One of our main goals as a real estate platform is to provide leads and bring the sellers using our platform closer to successful deals. We believe that ultimately, our task is to make all of you happy and satisfied, and our promise to be innovative and be the first platform in our country to push boundaries to deliver greater values is currently at work.

We have good faith that the Sponsor feature, one of the two Upgrades we are offering, has a potential to make our promise to happen. However, to create improvements on the platform and develop new features and products that will further strengthen the benefits of Upgrade, we have to pull out the Sponsor feature. We have trust that this action will lead the way to provide you better products and services to attain your sales objectives. That said, effective September 21, the Sponsor feature will no longer be available, nonetheless, the Refresh feature is still accessible to aid in getting leads and closing deals.

If you have existing properties that are Sponsored, check out this FAQ.

We greatly appreciate questions and feedback from our beloved users regarding this move, please feel free to contact us.