Projects are now Groups!

Last Updated Sep 4, 12:17 AM

To attain simplicity, efficiency, and convenience, the Developer Hub is now merged with Groups. All Projects will be transformed into Groups and will be accessible under Group Hub.

A Group is similar to a Project. You can start discussion topics (similar to Updates) like this to collaborate and discuss with other members of this group. Group admins can send announcements that will be received by every member of the group. Group members can communicate in real-time if a group chat is available. You can now also invite members to this group and earn credits. For more information about Groups, check this out.

Here are a few FAQs that can guide you with merging.

If you have an existing Project:

1. What will happen to the subscribers of my Project?

All subscribers of your Project will be retained as members of your Group.

2. What will happen to the content in the Developer Hub/Project?

All updates and information will be retained as topics in the new group. Your Project Details will be available in the Project Details category and is transformed into a topic.

If you are subscribed to an existing Project:

1. What will happen to my subscription to Projects?

Your subscription will be retained to the new group.

2. What will happen to my properties linked to the developers?

All properties linked to the developer will be retained.

3. What will happen to the Developer page?

The Developer page will only display properties linked to them.