What is Share and Earn?

Last Updated Aug 5, 06:17 AM

The ‘Share and Earn’ button allows the users to share the content in OnePropertee easily to Facebook and have the chance to earn credits. The shared content serves as a referral link wherein non-members who successfully registered on OnePropertee after accessing the link will enable the referrer to receive 500 referral credits.

Follow the steps below to start sharing content and earn credits:

  1. Select the ‘Share and Earn’ button to share content in OnePropertee to Facebook. The ‘Share and Earn’ button is accessible on the following pages:

    1. Your Profile page

    2. Your Property’s page

    3. Any OnePropertee Search Results page

    4. Blog posts for your property videos

    5. Any OnePropertee group

    6. Any topic in OnePropertee group

  2. When a non-member successfully registered to OnePropertee after visiting the page that you shared, you will receive 500 referral credits.