What is the Property Assistance Program?

Last Updated Oct 17, 01:58 AM

The Property Assistance Program is offered to all our leads. The program helps leads find the perfect property through our custom recommendations based on their interests. By joining the program, they understand the importance of providing data to make the process possible, such as their contact information and property preferences, namely location, property type, and price range. Our system then looks for property matches and notifies the sellers about these leads.

You can get the leads from the Property Assistance Program through any of the following:

  • when you purchase Lead Boost Direct (by explicitly promoting related boosted properties to the leads in the program)

  • when you purchase a Leads Matching Plan or a Leads Bundle (which matches active leads directly from the program)

  • we may also give a few/limited leads for free if the property matches the leads' preferences.

Note: You can still receive free leads directly from your property pages as a seller. These leads will be immediately available on your CRM.

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