How can I share my credits to other users?

Last Updated Nov 6, 02:16 AM

There are only a few rules to check before you can share your credits:

✅ Your mobile number must be verified.

✅ If you're an Agent, a Broker, or simply a seller, you should have posted at least one (1) property.

✅ If you're a Developer, you should have posted at least one (1) project.

✅ You can only share credits in excess of 3,000 credits (Shareable credits).

✅ Shared credits are non-refundable.

If you’re good with the above rules, follow these steps to start sharing:

  1. Go to the Credits Logs page and select the ‘Share Credits’ button. System will display the ‘Share Credits’ form.

  2. In the ‘Share Credits’ form, type in and select the name of the member you want to share the credits with, and enter the number of credits. Note: Check your Shareable Credits balance to know how many credits you have left.

  3. Select the ‘Send Credits' button. You will be asked to confirm if you want to share X credits to the OnePropertee user. Confirm to proceed. Note: The Share Credits is real-time.